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aiohttp_admin will help you on building an admin interface on top of an existing data model. Library designed to be database agnostic and decoupled of any ORM or datbase layer. Admin module relies on async/await syntax (PEP492) thus not compatible with Python older then 3.5.

What is aiohttp-admin use cases?

  • For small web applications or micro services, where custom admin interface is overkill.
  • To give a manager something to play with while proper admin interface is not ready.
  • Could be solution if you absolutely hate to write a lot of js/html but have to


  • designed to be used with aiohttp;
  • library supports multiple database, out of the box MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongodb;
  • clear separation of backend and frontend layers;
  • no WTForms, frontend is SPA;
  • uvloop compatible, tests executed with both: default and uvloop
  • database agnostic, if you can represent your entities with REST api, you can build admin views.

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